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The Hacker's Code

H2K Presentation
Saturday July 15 2000

At the H2K Conference I made a presentation called "The Hacker's Code." The purpose of the presentation was to solicit audience participation to work on a common code of ethics for hackers.

The idea behind this is my belief that hackers are potentially one of the most powerful forces in existence. Because of the importance of computers to society (present and future), hackers (who do or can control computers) have a great position to help bring about social change.

The problem is, hackers are by their nature not very organized, and often don't even recognize themselves for what they are. The Hacker's Code is intended to help hackers to spot their common heritage, and recognize both their diversity and their potential power.

At this point, I'm not sure my ideas about The Hacker's Code will go anywhere. Hopefully I will get some feedback from conference attendees and others, and a better idea about whether this is something we need. The obvious forum to publish this Code in is 2600 Magazine, if they also think it's worthwhile.

I have saved the exact HTML slides from my presentation. You can view them in the archive. There is also a working draft of The Hacker's Code, which will gradually differ from what I presented at the conference.

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