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DRAFT The Hacker's Code DRAFT

Version 1.1a, available at

Preamble: We, the people of the electronic universe, in order to establish a society of knowledge and skills, do hereby proclaim the following.

Hackers are diverse, from all cultures and backgrounds. Every hacker is unique, yet we all share some characteristics. While not every hacker follows this Code, many believe it is a fair description of our shared traditions, goals and values.

  1. Hackers share and are willing to teach their knowledge
  2. Hackers are skilled. Many are self-taught, or learn by interacting with other hackers.
  3. Hackers seek knowledge. This knowledge may come from unauthorized or unusual sources, and is often hidden.
  4. Hackers are tinkerers. They like to understand how things work, and want to make their own improvements or modifications.
  5. Hackers often disagree with authority, including parents, employers, social customs and laws. They often seek to circumvent authority they disagree with.
  6. Hackers disagree with each other. Different hackers have different values, and come from all backgrounds. This means that what one hacker is opposed to might be embraced by another.
  7. Hackers are persistent, and are willing to devote hours, days and years to pursuing their individual passions.
  8. This Code is not to prescribe how hackers act. Instead, it is to help us to recognize our own diversity and identify.
  9. Every hacker must make his or her own decisions about what is right or wrong, and some might do things they believe are illegal, amoral or anti-social to achieve higher goals.
  10. Hackers' motivations are their own, and there is no reason for all hackers to agree.
  11. Hackers have a shared identify, however, and many shared interests.
  12. By reading this Code, hackers can recognize themselves and each other, and understand better the group they are a part of. This will be beneficial to all hackers.