Virtual Reality: Present and Future

VR: What is is?

Virtual what? Reality is what can be percieved
Reality can be different for different people
subjective...point of view
simulated reality

History & prehistory

Kruger, Sutherland...Lanier

Current Technology overview

Realities of Virtual Reality.
Graphics..faster computers
Better networks

Current Areas of Active Development

I/O devices

Science Fiction

The computer
VR: The Interface
Direct neural interface

Sci-Fi notions including VR

Descriptions from Snow Crash...Neuromancer.

Yesterday, VR. Today, Nanotech. Still: computers

Just a fad?

Missing Components

Where has there been no progress?

Towards the future

What do you want to do? Let's envision 2006
Gregory B. Newby ( March 21, 1996